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Natural Unique Mind

Personal Transformation Specialist


Natural Unique Mind is a Personal Transformation Consultancy; we cover the whole spectrum through Wellbeing, Mindfulness, Mental health and Personal development coaching. 


Our philosophy of coaching is all about self-awareness and self-transformation, we help

people unlock the true potential of the mind, body and energy fields,

so everything is working in coherence through habit changes and various disciplines.


Our purpose is to inspire, empower and help individuals reach their levels of success and fulfilment. 


We help people break down any self-limiting beliefs, unhelpful conditioning,

    and programming, so they can truly achieve their dreams and outcomes they want in life.   


Specialising in Wellbeing, Peak performance

Mental Health and Self Development

Anxiety, Stress , Depression and Mental Health

We feel a wide range of emotions in our life, such as anxiety, stress, and fear and these affect our attitudes and behaviours and affect our internal biochemical balance.  The people around us and our external environment have a great influence on whether we experience positive or negative emotions.


Most of us realise that you can “catch” emotions from others like a cold, we call this ‘emotional contagion’, unfortunately, we can all be subject to this and unconsciously start feeling and displaying the same emotions as those around us.


Unfortunately, negative emotions spread more easily than positive ones, so it is true to be said that negative people have a large effect on our emotions and moods.  We at Natural Unique Mind  Identify these issues and then put an action plan together to resolve and help individuals that suffer from these negative emotions, existing anxieties, stress as well as past trauma.

Life Coaching
Self Development
Peak Performance

We help people break through negative habits,  past conditioning and programming,  by helping them understand themselves and help them set positive goals for the future.


We have created amazing breakthrough gains for people suffering from depression, anxiety and mental health through our unique coaching programs.


Self-development is not just about creating new habits, but about being aware of the old habitual patterns of thinking and doing.


Our self-development programs go deep into the Psychological, Physical, and Metaphysical concepts, to help people create a new state of being.



We help people understand the concept of ‘Self-Efficacy’. 


Self-efficacy is an individual's firm belief that he or she can accomplish a specific task successfully.


As part of our training program, we help individuals and teams enhance their skills of self-awareness, perception, emotional intelligence, and engaging through engagement.

What happens now?

Our objective is to help raise the collective consciousness, and help in the

wellbeing of individuals and organisations.


Let us know the best time to call you, or come and see you so we can get an action plan together. We cover 121 session, online, by phone or face to face.

We leave you with a clear action plan outlining what you need to enjoy immediate

and sustainable benefits, so let's talk and discuss how we can make things great!


Just imagine five years from now, what would it be like if you can change things today?


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